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Culture Liverpool 


Thanks to funding made available from Culture Liverpool the following artists have been supported to create and perform new work for Leap Dance Festival 2024. 

Lisi Perry 

Seasoned in the City is a new dance project with 4 phases. The first being Spring.


During Leap 2024, Spring will appear and pop up when you least expect it. You may find the dancers meandering and mingling through a crowd, you may see them from a distance or be invited to come a little closer. Perhaps you may even be able to participate and join in...

Patrick Bannon - Movement Megaphone (Copyright Jack Ehlen).jpg


Patrick Bannon's Movement Megaphone is an original dance film that explores turning up our voice through dance. Where are we supposed to be quiet? Where are we allowed to shout? The film explores Patrick Bannon’s physical language and the environments and communities that give him a voice.


Patrick Bannon is an associate artist at RAWD, who are dedicated to helping disabled people grow through life and art. They produce inclusive arts experiences and performances which all present and amplify the disabled perspective.


Supported by Culture Liverpool and DaDa. The film will be presented on our YouTube channel, and available to view throughout the festival.

Uncovering Still 3.jpg

Caroline Smith 



Inspired by movement classes at Fluid Space Liverpool, this Dance Short Film by filmmaker Caroline Smith is an interpretation of physical and emotional journeys taken via the power of contemporary dance improvisation. Lead by Studio Fluid and Fluid Space founder Rosie Terry-Toogood with a soundtrack by Dialect (Andrew PM Hunt), the piece depicts a ‘secret space’ - an insight into a world of body revival, the embrace of hidden-power and the uncovering of new movement pathways and sensations.


Brought to you by Caroline Smith, Studio Fluid and Dialect. Supported by Culture Liverpool.

Available to watch online from 2nd May and on screens at The Capstone Theatre on 2nd May, and at Unity Theatre on 8th May.

Uncovering Still 3.jpg

MELT Dance

New work DNA explores identity and cultural fluidity within Liverpool, whilst honouring the historical challenges that have permitted cultural freedom within the city. 

Presented as part of Dancing in the Streets.

Karl Newsam

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TMC Collective

Talisha Thomas Lindsay, Abisola Ali and Megan  present Until, a collaboration of Hip Hop, Afro dance, Jazz, and contemporary dance.  The choreography is inspired by women in work, women supporting each other and the internal tug-of-war women have when coping with personal life and policing what we chose to display externally to the outside to the world.

Presented at Leap as part of our Triple Bill at Unity Theatre on 8th May.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-04 at 23.10.07.jpeg

House of Suarez

House of Suarez presents an array of vocabulary from its repertoire, as we see excerpts from
previous performances and new works colliding with high energy and hard-hitting vogue moves!
The House prides themselves on their musicality and cheeky display of friendly battling, alongside its fierce and fiery foreplay on the runway!

Stephanie Greer

Seagull Lake is a contemporary, comic take on the famous ballet. Audiences young and old will be encouraged to join the troop of entertaining gulls on their dancing, litter picking, journey to appreciate and celebrate the space we live in and the community around us.

A collaboration with Tmesis Theatre and local dance artists: Samuel Perez Duran, Stephanie Greer, Faye McCutcheon and Mariana Pires.


Presented at Leap as part of Dancing in the Streets.

Seagull Lake Promo Image.jpg
Rowena Gander. WOMAN WOMEN. Promotional Image. 1 (1).jpeg

Rowena Gander


A work in process that unveils the social and private dynamics of lesbian relationships. The performers physically explore attachment,
internalised homophobia, and the mysterious and deviant nature of same sex eroticism. The work asks whether societal understanding and
perception of lesbianism might contribute to the success or failure of a relationship.

Directed, performed, and choreographed by Rowena Gander; co-directed and featured performance by Elinor Randle. Presented at Leap as part of our Triple Bill at Unity Theatre

on 8th May.


Taciturn will present their new work Before She Falls, a collaboration with digital artist Noel Jones. The work uses film and digital projection to create a multi layered exploration of falling in and out of love. 

Presented at Leap as part of our Triple Bill at Unity Theatre on 8th May.

DSCF9343 (1).heic
IMG-20210719-WA0000 hollow back.jpg

Dockside Breakers

Dockside Breakers will create a new outdoor performance work utilising break dance and street dance styles. 

Presented as part of Dancing in the Streets.

Mersey Swing CIC

Mersey Swing will investigate their choreographic process and explore vernacular jazz dance styles to present a new work 'The Joy of Swing' for Leap Dance Festival 2024. 

Presented as part of Dancing in the Streets.


Grace Goulding

Banshee is an exploration and celebration of the Wild Woman; an ode to humanity amidst a world of political turmoil, global conflict and greed set to live folk music and performed by four riotous souls.

Presented as part of Dancing in the Streets.

Clementine Arts

Finding Refuge is a dance and spoken word piece produced by Clementine Arts in association with Mariana Pires, Amina Atiq and Olena Hrabchak that tells the story of people who have resettled in Liverpool City Region, after arriving as asylum seekers from Iran, Namibia, Syria and Ukraine.


Rosie Terry Toogood

Combining live sound and dance, Gotas Del Mar (Drops of the sea) explores our connection to water and the idea that we are all small drops of the same ocean.


Two dancers in synchronised waves encourage optional audience participation with simple choreographic tasks and relaxing movements.


Sole Rebel CIC

In Time is an immersive, live music and dance performance for children and families. The audience and performers enter the world together each with their own hand created bird to start their journey through the seasons.


A flock of origami birds swirl together in a beautiful tumbling mass as they start their migration. They flock, they swoop, they travel across time and space, a soundscape immerses them into a dance together.

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