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Leap Online

We are delighted to showcase three new dance films as part of the Leap 2024. This strand of the festival enables those who can’t access live performances to enjoy dance content as part of Leap Dance Festival.

We have commissioned Lisi Perry to create a mass movement performance with youth and community groups from across Liverpool City Region showcasing a diverse range of talent, ages and communities.

Culture Liverpool have commissioned work by Caroline Smith featuring dance artist Rosie Terry-Toogood; and RAWD who will be working with Blue Room participants to create a new dance work.

You can watch the online content for free on our YouTube channel.

Lisi Perry:
The Wave

As the Mersey tide ebbs and flows, we see what treasures are brought to our city shores. Like a pinball machine, the waves crash around St Johns Gardens igniting pockets of dance gems from around the city.

Featuring groups from Men! Dancing! and LIPA, to Cody Urban Dance and Hope University, we celebrate the joy of diversity in our dance community.

Bathed in a musical score by Tom Ashbrook and movement concept by Lisi Perry, this film will represent a collection of valuable treasures.

Available to watch now.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 10.26.18.png
Uncovering Still 3.jpg

Caroline Smith: Uncovering

Inspired by movement classes at Fluid Space Liverpool, this Dance Short Film by filmmaker Caroline Smith is an interpretation of physical and emotional journeys taken via the power of contemporary dance improvisation. Lead by Studio Fluid and Fluid Space founder Rosie Terry-Toogood with a soundtrack by Dialect (Andrew PM Hunt), the piece depicts a ‘secret space’ - an insight into a world of body revival, the embrace of hidden-power and the uncovering of new movement pathways and sensations.


Brought to you by Caroline Smith, Studio Fluid and Dialect. Supported by Culture Liverpool.

Available to watch online from 2nd May and on screens at The Capstone Theatre on 2nd May, and at Unity Theatre on 8th May.

RAWD: Patrick Bannon's Movement Megaphone

Movement Megaphone is an original dance film that explores turning up our voice through dance.

Where are we supposed to be quiet? Where are we allowed to shout? The film explores Patrick Bannon’s physical language and the environments and communities that give him a voice.

Patrick Bannon is an associate artist at RAWD. RAWD are dedicated to helping disabled people grow through life and art. They produce inclusive arts experiences and performances which all present and amplify the disabled perspective.

Supported by Culture Liverpool and DaDaFest.

Available to watch from 7th May.

Patrick Bannon - Movement Megaphone (Copyright Jack Ehlen).jpg
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